Commerial video for Hyabak.

We were hired by a renowned marketing company from Krakow, Poland, called Hand-Made. We decided to go for maximum creativity. What helped us in shooting, was a good preparation and equipment assesment.

We used smal mirrorles cameras from Sony with Zeiss and Sigma lenses and small gimbals. Low weight helped us cope with uneven ground on the beach and harsh sun.  It was also very helpful when travelling for a long distance between cities!

Three cities: Gdańsk, Łeba, Władysławowo

The event organised by Hand-Made in cooperation with Miód Cytryna – fitness club from Poznan, took place in 3 cities. It turned out to be a huge succes- it shortly became very popular with dozens of people attending. We have everything on video!;)

Created: August 2017

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